Sandhills Outfitters offers what we believe are the finest buffalo hunts available. Step back in time as you pursue the majestic buffalo in the vastness and grandeur of the Sandhills of north central Nebraska, the original habitat of these plains dwellers. These are true hunts as opposed to some of the “pen” hunts available today, and all final stalking is done on foot. From cowboy cookouts to staying in a modern cabin, or staying in a more historic Tipi, you will relive a piece of history from a bygone era.. Sandhills Outfitters offers the full line of buffalo hunts from meat to large, mature bulls weighing nearly a ton. Our yearling buffal/pheasant combos have been extremely popular.  Our buffalo never see the inside of a corral, thus offering a true “wild” hunting experience, Hunting is the only method we use to maintain herd numbers so you are assured that you are receiving prime meat and not culls. October thru February is the best time for mounting purposes. The Sandhills topography on our ranch is very conducive to Sharps rifle, archery, muzzleloaders, as well as regular rifle hunts. Your experienced guide will work to safely and ethically place you in range. Our buffalo are raised organically and graze freely on our native grass in the Sandhills. This produces a very healthy meat which is extremely low in choloesterol and fat while still remaining excellent taste and quality You receive the entire animal including head, horns, hide and meat. Our non-refundable $150 deposit is the lowest in the business and speaks of our trust in our clients, a product of a bygone era that sadly is not exhibited much in todays business world. Buffalo have inhabited the Sandhills of Nebraska for at least the past 10,000 years. Click here to read about the history of the buffalo in the Sandhills and see an actual stone spear point found on our ranch which dates back nearly 10,000 years ago. This point type  was used by the first inhabitants of the area to hunt the bison, during that time frame. You can also view some original buffalo bullets found on the ranch that date back to at least the 1870’s which was the heyday of the buffalo hunting era..   Paragraph Heading   Buffalo herd at Sandhills Outfitters ranch in the Sandhills of Nebraska